Unlocking Internship Opportunities at Our Prop Trading Firm

BellaBella Daily Update

I received this note from a trader in our community:

My name is Austin B. Thank you so much for providing your email on the “SMB Capital College Traders Talk At Pace University” YouTube video! I know your time is limited and valuable, so I will be short and brief!


* Graduating High School Senior

* Majoring in Finance (I’m not attending an Ivy League School, but did get a full-ride scholarship)

* Paper Traded for 8 months

* Traded on live account for 4 months so far

* My playbook consists of support and resistance bounces and breakdowns as well as triangle breakouts, and I use volume/tape reading to determine if these breakouts or breakdowns will occur

* Just finished reading “One Good Trade,” and I would define myself as Money Maker because failing in trading is not an option for me! About to buy “The Playbook”.

* My goals for trading everyday is to make one good trade after one good trade and don’t make the same mistakes I made yesterday (I know my mistakes from the previous day because of a trading journal that I have just recently started)

* I short-term trade single options on a cash account in order to bypass the PDT Rule and gain leverage; therefore, I trade only big name stocks because of the options liquidity. I would short-term trade stocks and use a normal margin account, but I want the benefits that options trading offers until I can get a fully funded account (25k+) for normal (no options) trading instead.  

* Pretty consistent. Green 4 out 5 days last week. I was actually down one day last week even though I made a good trade. I was about to close the platform and walk away for the day, then I read in “One Good Trade” that you should stay and fight. I stayed and ended the day green by trading One Good Trade after One Good Trade!

My Question

What do I need to do in order to be in a good position to receive an internship from a prop firm (preferably SMB Capital!) next summer?

Also, please feel free to offer advice and guidance if you disagree with anything that I have said regarding my strategy/trading style!!


Here is what stands out to me from your e-mail.

  • You are trading early.  You are building the skill to trade pro before you apply.  Love this!
  • You are trading with edge.  You are green 4/5 days.  This is huge no matter how small your size.
  • Your are trading large cap stocks, which are very scaleable.
  • You are reading about trading to improve.
  • You have built a PlayBook- your trading business.
  • You are demonstrating a history of success- full-ride to college.

We do offer internships for those most interested in trading.  We offer internships during the school year.  Our largest opportunity is a summer internship.  It is our hope to mostly make offers for new hires from our internship program.  New hires are trained by the firm, backed, paid, and provided all the resources they need to succeed.

You can apply here.

*no relevant positions