Webinar: The learning process of a professional trader with Dr. Steenbarger and SMB

BellaBella Daily Update

On Wedesday, April 11th, Dr. Brett Steenbarger and I will presenting a free workshop for a Wealth 365 online conference event.

You can register here.

Dr. Steenbarger mentors and coaches traders at our firm.  Often we work in concert with firm traders.  One way that we collaborate, which we will discuss, is a Daily Report Card.  2017 was a year where we outperformed our peers.  And the MVP of trader training methods in 2017 for us was the Daily Report Card.

Each day traders from our firm share a Daily Report Card with Dr. Steenbarger and me, where they work on one goal, intensively, seeking solutions for improvement and grade their performance.  This is a large part of our learning process at our firm, and was envisioned by Dr. Steenbarger.

In talking with Dr. Steenbarger to prepare for our presentation, he encouraged me to talk further about the learning process at SMB.  Key concepts like One Good Trade, The PlayBook (Playbooking trades), SMB Foundation, Team Trading, Trader Development, and automated trader training.  So I will walk through all of that with you so you get a sneak peak inside of the development process of a professional proprietary trader.

Sometimes traders just need exposure to one key trader training concept, that they then employ, to transform their trading. Perhaps, we will share one such idea with you.

Dr. Steenbarger will share his experiences and best practices on the learning process with traders.  He  works with some of the largest firms in the trading universe, and is armed with invaluable best practices and training ideas.

As always, we will save time to answer any of your questions.  And provide contact information for any follow up questions you may have.

We hope you mark this trader learning event on your calendar.

Trade well.

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