Should I switch to futures instead of stocks?

I received this question from a foreign trader and SMB Training student,

After taking “The Winning Trader” and trading for a year I am now starting to be consistently profitable.

However: My statistics show that I make more money trading VXX and SPY than trading stocks. Is trading futures more like trading the market? Should I maybe try futures instead of stocks?


Huge congratulations on becoming a Consistently Profitable Trader- CPT as I termed in One Good Trade.

I love how this trader is measuring his trading stats!  Recently when working with an overseas 7-figure trader our first wok was to get this trader tagging all his trades, importing them in Tradervue, and then measuring his results.  Only from here could we spot specific areas for improvement.
With an elevated VIX you ought to focus on VXX, UVXY and market products.  Particularly an elevated VIX, with a news catalyst, like a trade war with China.
When VIX compresses you may find your trading stats decline in VXX and SPY.  Then trading Stocks In Play and trading equities will be optimal again.
By the way, if you are looking to join a Futures trading community we run this affordable slack room here.
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