Expressing your unique voice in markets as a trader

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A reader reached out and asked:

(Edited) here from South Africa and I want to enquire about your current outlook on the tech sector and how you feel about the huge movements since the year has started?

I am a Equity and options trader From South Africa, and you have done more than just change my life.

I am a short-term trader, Managing Partner, and trading coach.  My expertise is not where the market or sector will be end of year.  My expertise is what stocks and setups will offer the best risk/reward intraday, during a given trading session.

I have spent a good deal of my weekend thinking about how to help one very promising trader become consistently profitable.  And what she needs to do for her trading to make progress next month.  I am thinking about a new desk that can diversify and bring more PnL to our desk.  I am thinking about how to improve our short book for our traders. I am thinking about two new setups that we ought to add to Part II of our training program, Trader Development.  I am thinking about how to improve our automated training so we see even more innovation for our desk here.  I am thinking about how to help one of our most promising developing traders to trade bigger.   Where the tech sector will be end of year is not my work.

Dr. Steenbarger wrote a great piece this weekend on focusing on focus to improve trading.  I want to do more of this Monday.   I will mention this in our Monday AM meeting to the desk for them to consider for their trading.

Andrew Left visited last week and remarked he was grateful to have developed a unique voice in markets.   I am as well.

Howard Lindzon recently wrote about how in this age of big data he uses small data for big wins.  He is staying in his lane.

Josh Brown penned an important piece on how to become better at your game than others.  His business in thriving by him doubling down on his unique voice.

All of this leads me to my point.  I am gonna stay in my lane.  I am gonna focus on what I do and do well.  And I will respectfully decline to answer questions about markets for which there are much better voices than mine.

But I will stick to sharing my unique voice in markets- how pro traders are improving their trading game.

And perhaps if you stick to what you do best in markets, you will significantly improve your PnL.  And you will view this as you expressing your unique voice in markets as a trader.

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