This One Thing Makes You a Better Trader

BellaBella Daily Update

At lunch at 5 Acres in Rockefeller Center, I asked three promising summer interns: What has helped you improve the most during your internship?

Their answer might surprise you.

It didn’t surprise me as I have heard and seen the power of this one thing on our proprietary trading in NYC many many times.  I have heard this from different traders at different times, during different markets, but always with the same genuine gratitude for the impact.

That one thing that helped them improve the most?

The chance to learn from traders on the desk.

But how specifically did this opportunity help these traders?

One intern from Cal Berkeley marveled at the opportunity to talk with Garrett (Your job as a trader is NOT to predict) about how he uses technology to find and improve his trading edge.

Another intern from The University of Texas at Arlington was receiving trading feedback from Yanni, who inspired him to apply to SMB after watching a YouTube video of his PlayBook (The Key Variable That Can Cause Massive Moves in Stocks).

Another intern who applied with an 80+ page scalping playbook was able to compare notes with a firm trader on a Breaking News Trade in GME. Afterward, she was able to construct a PlayBook of her own on this trade.

It has never been easier to start trading with mobile platforms like RobinHood.  But this doesn’t mean you should without a solid trading foundation.  Certainly, this doesn’t mean you will become consistently profitable without following the process of the pros.

How can you find pros to learn from?

@TheOneLanceB implores independent traders to Find Your Pod.

Jeff Holden, Head of Trader Development at SMB Capital, helped create SMB Inside Access to give independent traders a chance to learn from the pros at SMB.

I have challenged the trading community: What if you thought about your trading career as We and Us?

These promising interns are talking with the pros daily and experiencing breakthrough progress.  As I write this Saturday, firm interns and traders are gathering to discuss Easy Money Trades together.  Shouldn’t you?

Important disclosures

Mike Bellafiore is the Co-Founder of SMB Capital, a proprietary trading desk, and SMB Training, which provides trading education in stocks, options, and futures. Bella, @MikeBellafiore, is the author of One Good Trade and The PlayBook. He welcomes your trading questions at [email protected].