Weekend learning for traders from the prop desk

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Links to help you improve as a trader The path and setup with edge that helped one firm trader gain his confidence The path and trading setup to help you become a consistently profitable trader Become a pattern recognition machine How to buy a stock that is oversold The trading technique to improve results for a top day trader *no … Read More

Mastering Trading Techniques for Top Day Traders

BellaBella Daily Update

In this post, I will teach a trading technique to help you make more, increase your enjoyment and lower stress during each trading session. Have you ever sat there as a trader working longer, fighting harder and with worsening results?  Would you like to learn a trading technique employed by our firm to solve this problem? An experienced 7-figure trader, … Read More

One trader is failing because of this says him

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I was talking to a struggling developing trader, presently at a trading arcade, who was looking for a new home because of a lack of mentoring.  He understood that at his trading arcade (trader places a risk deposit for first losses and firm provides leverage) it was not their business model to extend mentoring and coaching. *There are other trading … Read More

The Black Shirt

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There is a Green Shirt that hangs on the wall of our trading floor.  You earn the Green Shirt for posting 1m net in trading profits. And then there is the Black Shirt.  For that a firm trader must earn north of 2m in net profits. The firm challenged the trader above, a Black Shirt recipient for 2017, approximately 4 … Read More