SMB at TradersExpo NYC- Feb 25-27

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I will be presenting at the TradersExpo in NYC, which you can attend from Feb 25-27. I will be presenting on a panel spearheaded by my friend John Netto- Profiting in the New Market Ecosystem. I will also be presenting: Two Trades Working Best in Current Market Conditions. We offer a unique perspective to those who attend.  We are a … Read More

Top Blog Posts of 2017

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Here are the top blog posts of 2017 from SMB: This retail trader just crossed 100k in trading profits The Failure Rate of a Proprietary Trader Relative Volume (RVOL) Defined and Used STP Vs. ECN The End of Volatility Traders ask: VWAP? Beginner’s Guide to Call Options: How They Work and What Happens after You Buy What I Learned From … Read More

Rules for high conviction trades

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During a daily review a developing trader tackled his system for re-entry with high conviction trades. In his words on his high conviction IBB breakout trade, expressed with LABD: (LABD) Was one of my larger picture ideas for the day. Was using this 3X leverage ETF to play the IBB breakout. IBB looked positioned for a breakout on the daily … Read More

Solutions for improving your trading entries

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Hope your doing well. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your book, “One Good Trade”. I have the audible version and with my hour commute to and from work to (brokerage firm). I’ve listened to it countless times. Yesterday afternoon I decided to listen to it after a rather disappointing month of trading and caught … Read More