Do We Really Need Rules?

At SMBU we believe those with a passion for trading ought to start trading in college. We created the SMB College Training Program run by Iceman from The PlayBook for this very reason. Jake is a passionate college trader trying to create a track record while in school to land a spot on a prop trading desk. He will write a weekly blog about … Read More

This Trader is Ready to Trade Live

Bella,  I am a huge fan of One Good Trade. Currently, I am wrapping up The Playbook. My friend and mentor put me onto One Good Trade after I had expressed interest several months ago in trading, and I have fallen in love with the profession. My desire is to become an intraday trader, but I want to go about … Read More

College Students Training Program Info Session

Do you really want that boring desk job, pushing papers all day long, doing cold calling and taking orders from other people? Didn’t think so. So why not consider the life of a trader? If you’ve thought about it but don’t know what to do or where to begin, we’ve got an exciting opportunity coming up that you won’t want … Read More

What are Your Trading Goals for 2014? Share Them Here

Happy New Year! An exercise we ask all of our prop traders in NYC to complete at this time of the year is: Trading Goals for 2014. And then our prop traders will work with their mentors on a plan to achieve these goals. At SMBU, we would love to hear from you about your trading goals for 2014 and … Read More

Option Training Series: Webinar #1 Replay

In Seth’s free Webinar on Monday he covered: Trading in a Range Bound Market How to Deploy Trading Capital on a Weekly Basis How to Defend a Winning Options Position Download the PowerPoint Slides Watch the first video in this series Watch the second video in the series Watch the third video in the series Seth Freudberg, Director, SMB Options … Read More

Option Training Series – Lesson Three: What separates professional from amateur option traders

Learn how professional option traders defend their positions by adjusting their trades. Watch the first video in this series.. Watch the second video in the series Seth Freudberg, Director, SMB Options Training Program No relevant positions The SMB Options Training Program is a twelve-month program designed for novice and intermediate level options traders who are seeking an intensive training process … Read More