All Good Traders Must Have a Nickname

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Mike Bellafiore,

Hello. I want to say thank you for a wonderful book, One Good Trade! In Russia there is nothing like this book. I have not yet started trading, as do the study of the theory and the accumulation of money for shopping schea, but I’m sure that if I follow all the rules you set, it will reduce my time! Once again, THANK YOU!

In the book, you said that each trader has a great nickname. What is your nickname? I apologize in advance if my message will be misunderstood, because I do not know the English language and writing through Google Translator. Goodbye.


My nickname is Bella. My new favorite nickname for one of our traders is King of Men. Shark is a pretty cool nickname as well. Working on some for the new blood. Weekly Young Blood is my newest tag for a weekly options trader. The two favorites say my index from The PlayBook are trading bros TO and Pippen. My snarkiest is Fail Boy, for a trader who never got it, never made it, and blamed all others and things he could. The most popular in SMB history seems to be Franchise and MoneyMaker from One Good Trade.

What is your favorite trader nickname?

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You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

Mike Bellafiore

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  1. All I can say is that a negative nick should never be given to anyone if you want them to succeed.

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