LS Trades Reviews The PlayBook

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Liquid Snake, aka Sebastien Salois, is a former professional basketball player and financial security advisor who runs a Web site called LS Trades. Recently, he wrote a terrific review of The PlayBook, and we’ve pasted it here in full. We thought you might enjoy it. —- READ THIS BOOK. In anything where there‚Äôs a huge demand and interest for knowledge, … Read More

Why We Started SMB

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Mike, I’ve just started your book One Good Trade, and I love it. My question is why start a prop firm if you and Steve are the best traders and it is all your money? Can’t you just scale up your trades? I trade my own money and was thinking about starting a prop firm, but then I think: 1. … Read More

Use Your Emotions to Make Better Trading Decisions: SMB Midday Meeting with Denise Shull (October 21, 2013)

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Denise Shull, author of Market Mind Games, was our guest speaker today during our Midday Meeting at SMB. Denise discussed: 1) How traders should learn to use emotions to make better trading decisions 2) Why most trader psychology advice gets it wrong by teaching you not to feel emotions 3) The reason why some traders have a need to be … Read More

Contemplating Insanity Into My Trading

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I am one of the subscribers to the new SMB DNA program. I missed your mentoring session yesterday, but I just watched the recording and was wondering if you could answer one question for me. I just also wanted to say that I read both of your books not too long ago and thought they were the best books on … Read More

Be in Your Right Trading Culture

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Hi Mike, I’ve just read your book, One Good Trade and have to say it’s left me more motivated than ever to continue improving my trading skills. Currently, I trade futures for a newer prop firm in Western US. Trading is what I’ve always wanted to do; I saved money working as a waiter to start trading options in my … Read More