Art Therapy for Your Trading

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I received an awesome email teaching me about an interesting concept for our trading: art therapy. I thought I would share it with the trading community.
Last time on your webinar you asked what is art therapy? It’s kind of like when a kid goes to a child psychologist and in order for the psychologist to figure out what’s going on they have the kid draw and then they can connect with the kid and help him. So same could be applied to traders. Basically it is a playful and easy way of handling the emotional aspect of trading. The bottom line is what is invested in this playful therapy would pay huge dividends down the line. Instead of learning to handle emotions while trading with live money you deal with it in a safe environment then trade and improve your results. Let’s say you have someone with the belief “It is tough to trade in these markets today”, so you could have a session where you help the trader go from “It is tough to trade in these markets today” to “It’s so easy to trade in the markets”. That’s the kind of transformation that is possible. It’s basically play therapy applied to trading.
Some of the issues I have thought of could be stuff like:
you will be a day trader
trade with real money
you will be profitable/successful
trading news successfully
how much to trade
when to get out of position
taking profits/cutting losses
use stop loss effectively
handling stress/emotion
market is the enemy to market is my friend
dispelling doubt/fear/greed/hope
review of news/trading patterns
being on the side of the market
Rapid decision making
turn bad decisions into good decisions
working with risk capital
understanding risk and reward
covering your expenses
setting goals
business plan
when to buy when to sell
technical analysis watching patterns changes in price and volume
buy low sell high
the trend is your friend
reading volume
following plan
finding the best opportunity in the market
protection from losing money
planning trades
understanding risk and reward
considering a possibility of loss
quick reactions to the market
You said you hire and pay psychologists to help your traders with the mental game. I thought that was pretty cool. And in your book you said that you have traded in so many markets and made the money that training traders is more of a gratifying challenge to you. And that you always look for ways to improve your trading. I admire that.  (edited)
There is no question that the money invested in playful therapy would help traders find breakthroughs and increase the bottom line. Not only would it be funny but pretty useful too.

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