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Hi Mike,

I’ve been reading The PlayBook and saw a few mentions of SMB’s growth in the area of algorithmic trading.

I am a programmer and have been working on some of my own trading algorithms. Right now I am building algorithms to work with (website redacted per request)  but I’m finding some limitations with their platform (for example, it only processes data once per minute). So I think I might need to find a better platform.

Is there a way I can work with your quants to develop and backtest algorithms? And if they are good possibly run them with SMB?



Yes, we offer software that allows traders to build automated strategies without the necessity to know how to code. You can back test, forward test, trade live, and then scale your trading all with this software. It’s pretty amazing!

In The PlayBook I argued that intraday traders should have access to other products, markets, swing accounts and automated strategies software. As intraday traders we are excellent at controlling our risk. In our game the margin of error to be a big producing trader has decreased significantly if we are only trading one account, an intraday trading account. Our skills transfer to other products, markets and automated strategies.
SMB Capital has three entities: our prop desk, SMBU- our education arm, and SMB Systems Trading. We recently entered into a JV with KTG to give our traders access to technology that offers them the ability to develop automated strategies from their desktop. So after the close our discretionary traders dabble in creating auto-strategies. If they get stuck, quants can help complete their ideas.
On our desk, intraday traders are becoming automated traders.

You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

Mike Bellafiore

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