Boost Your Trading Day: Top Financial Websites

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What financial websites do you use to prepare for trading?


I asked our newest training classes in Austin and NYC to share what websites they use and why to prepare for each trading session.  Then I aggregated their answers, unedited, into this post.  This gives you an excellent guide of websites to help you prepare for each trading session.  Perhaps from this list you can make your own list and create a routine of visiting them before each trading session to make better trade/investment decisions.

1. Finviz

This is where I head to first for most any stock I want news on. It
provides links to the stories out on a stock on a multitude of other
websites (SeekingAlpha, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, CNBC, WSJ, Briefing,
Reuters, Barrons, etc.)

2. Nasdaq

Has a section with rankers for stocks with most premarket activity, and
most premarket volume. Helpful to start to get an idea for what has such
compelling news that it’s trading a lot before the open.

3. TraderFeed

A quick read over at Dr. S’s place does me a lot of good, and never
disappoints. Whether its a market analysis idea he’s experimenting with,
or a well thought out article on trading psychology or peak
performance, this is a great site to have in your morning list of


Headlines, articles, and premarket activity.

5. Twitter

Twitter is an invaluable resource for real-time news, as well as
following fantastically smart people, with great reads on what is
happening in the markets.

6. Bloomberg

One of the best all around resources for the news.  Quality information here.

7. Spencer’s AM Ideas

It’s great to have this resource. Hopefully by the time this meeting
rolls around, I’ve been able to find the stocks most In Play for the
day, but inevitably, the wisdom, brainpower, and experience of Steve
comes through with a great stock In Play that I didn’t find, or give
enough weight to, myself.

8. Business Insider

I like to look at this site’s “10 things you need to know before the opening bell” story each day.

9. CNBC’s Early Movers

I just keep the link to Peter Schacknow as my #1 bookmark and is a
great source for learning what’s moving in the morning for a variety of

10. Estimize

….It’s a pretty good earnings
calendar. You can use the tables easily to see wall street estimates, vs
actuals vs (sometimes) guidance. 

11. Barchart

The best time to prepare for trading is the night before, this is why I
go through all of the unusual volume decline/advance stocks after close
each day. I also study the gap up/down stocks after close in order to
refine my pattern recognition skills because this is one of my top

12. Briefing
Great tool during earnings season- easy to find guidance results. I
always read the after-hour mover summary to prepare for the next

13. SeekingAlpha

SA’s Wall Street Breakfast articles are my must read in the morning- it
is a summary of global events, morning movers, earnings reports.

14. Stocktwits

Great community of traders from which to learn. I pay attention to stocks with the biggest price/volume gains. I use the mobile app for this site.

15. The Fly On The Wall

I read through the headlines here. They are very thorough. Often times
they have headlines that I can’t find anywhere else.

16. Market Watch

For top news headlines. I also use this to dig deeper into a stock if Finviz doesn’t have the story.

17. YahooFinance

Easy to use site.  Headlines sections with all of the news in one spot is particularly helpful.  I like their new blogs.

18. StreetInsider

Pre and post market wrap up.  They also give good insight on what the larger funds are doing.   
19. Investor’s Business Daily

I’ll read various articles on here for potential trade ideas. Great section for sectors/stocks that are hot.

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