The PlayBook Inspires This Canadian Trader

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Hi Mike,

(I am) a discretionary trader from Montreal, Quebec.


I simply wanted to take a minute and thank you for your help and for providing me with inside resources to step up my game. I have been trading for quite some time now (seven years to be exact) and have enjoyed reading so many books about trading.

You can read psychology books; they’re great. You can apply them and that’s even better. But to live it by reading The PlayBook was for me a great experience and that’s why I took the time to write this email. For real hard core traders, the passionate ones out there that just can’t seem to get it right after year and year, this is the material that will lead them to succeed. Its all about where you are in your learning curve.

I really identified myself with your team throughout their challenges and accomplishments. My favorite passage? It’s your discussion of prep on page 250:

”Prep had been making progress from corrected flaw to corrected flaw. I could sense he was so close. AND THEN IT HAPPENED. He had the best day on our desk. And then again. And then again…..”
Amazing! What a feeling it is to finally step it up.What an amazing feeling it is to know that this time you did it right! That’s my FIX. That’s the reason I never gave up, and will always aim to get better. Thank you for sharing real life experiences and the ones of the people around you. Precious information that lonesome passionates like me can’t find easily.

It was a delicious read, and one can only dream about sharing these experiences live with you guys. Congratulations to your team and for your new born son. What a trader he will be! ;).

Thank you for your time, and best of luck, bud.

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You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

Mike Bellafiore

One Good Trade
The PlayBook

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