The PlayBook Helping London Prop Traders

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Recently I was asked by an SMBU Blog reader to share more of the e-mails sent from other traders who are trading different products. The reader was mostly interested in seeing how applicable my books were to these other traders and the different products they trade. When I first wrote One Good Trade I was surprised at its reach. It is such a small world today. Perhaps I should not have been surprised. Trading is trading. So here is an e-mail supporting that point as a German Bund trader was helped by reading The PlayBook, a book too many would categorize as just about short term US equities trading. I love how this trader is working on his trading game!

Hey Mike,

Was nice to get a re-tweet from you. Yeah, your book is def doing the rounds in London. I am a junior at (firm deleted) but know guys at some other firms who are reading it, so it’s getting some attention in prop firms around London. I think it’s because its so relevant to day trading (any trading product).

The importance on working on setups and clip management really helped me. Especially when you talk about A+ setups and getting double clips in (just unfortunate the Bunds are so dead at the moment).

….I trade German Bund futures. I have 20 contracts and clip a four lot at the moment. Nothing major but it’s all about the process and learning. When we are on the subject of books a really relevant book I am working on just now is called A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis by Anna Coulling. I concentrate a lot on price action and volume and found this a really good read…..then fling in your book on process and clip management and all the other stuff your talk about and these two books are probably the only two I have found directly useful for us day traders.

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