The DNA of Successful Trading

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“Weaknesses don’t matter if you find solutions.” — Ray Dalio

SMBU is launching a new educational opportunity for the trading community. It’s a new structured mentoring program called The DNA of Successful Trading! This is the brainchild of co-founder @sspencer_smb who thought the SMB Foundation, our flagship training program, and its demanding schedule of ten hours a day for 5 weeks, excluded so many who needed help on their trading game. Many want to work on becoming better traders but cannot commit to ten hours a day. So we started drafting, crafting, thinking, and gathering feedback from the SMB Trading Community on their trading frustrations. The result of all of that is our new educational opportunity designed to help developing traders build the skills necessary to become their best trader.

There is so much good in the trading of many developing traders. But they do not keep enough of their good trades, they do not make enough on their favorite trades, and need to eliminate their bad trades that are infecting their trading results. What if you could define the very best of your trading and learn to trade those setups bigger? What if you could rid your trading of the piker trades you know you need to stop making? What would your trading results be then? I suspect materially better.

I started my trading career down $36k. You can improve!

There is little evidence of anyone becoming elite at anything without great coaching and mentoring. Why would trading be different?

Some underperforming traders need access to trade setups that they can learn to co-opt for their trading.

Many need to learn to hold their best trades for the real move or as we say until there is a Reason2Sell.

Or develop a risk management system that allows them to size up in their best trades responsibly. Imagine sitting on a trading desk in a trade knowing that your upside is 10k and your downside is 2k, and your win rate is just above 50 percent, after the help of pro coaching.

Some have no plan for their trading and need one.

Others struggle with the psychology of trading and require assistance on how to improve their mental game.

At SMBU, we took the core concepts from the The SMB Foundation, ripped them out, and plastered them into this new mentoring program. These are the same core principles that we use to teach our NYC pro prop traders fully backed by the firm.

Then we added classroom teaching, where once a week you meet with us to review what you have learned with other students.

It is our pleasure to release The DNA of Successful Trading to the SMB Trading Community.

You can be better tomorrow than you are today!


*You must sign up by 9/30. There are only a few spots left to this mentoring program after SMBU’s private sale.

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