The Daily Gratitude Exercise

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daily gratitude exercise

The above is from a slide for my last presentation at an 800 plus event. This exercise has had a profound impact on my trading and trader mindset. Let’s explain the Gratitude Exercise which you might co-opt for your trading.


Each day find time to close your eyes and replay three things for which you are grateful. During the presentation above mine would have been:

1. My new son and wife

2. The privilege to do what I love: trade professionally

3. My invitation to the jam-packed event in Asia

I do this exercise religiously each night before I shut my eyes. I co-opted this idea from Dr. Menaker, who performed this exercise with our traders during a recent visit. The key is to do this exercise daily, in detail, while being present. Don’t just be grateful for your son, see him smiling two inches away from you. Don’t just be grateful for that invitation, replay that awesome line that moved the audience during your talk. Don’t just profess your gratitude to trade pro, replay sitting on a desk, with its energy, oxygen of opportunity, and your friends abound.

Being grateful is a state of mind you can develop. Trading specific, instead of being pissed at that trade gone wrong learn to see it for what it really is: a learning opportunity while you are doing what you love. This will make you a better trader.

Try this exercise and let me know if it helps.

You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

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