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Q: I’m getting ready for the DNA program. Going through what I have so far, I have two questions maybe you can advise me on:

1. Basic IT suggestions for hardware, RAM, processor, etc, for optimal performance off the computer to match what the SMB desk is doing. I’ve been using an Apple computer and now I (obviously) need to go PC.

2. Chart/broker platform recommendation for a remote user such as myself. Who has after-hour charting like Steve Spencer uses in the AM broadcast? Very important! Please ask Mr. Bellafiore or Steve Spencer if they have any recommendations.


Great to hear you are taking our new structured mentoring program, The DNA of Successful Trading. (For those interested, the class starts on 10/2, and there are a few spots left). It should be an awesome experience. Congratulations on you taking the steps to work on your trading game!

Here is the computer that our guys use on our trading desk in NYC:

Computer:     Dell Precision T1650 Workstation

CPU:             Core i7-3770,3.4Ghz,8M cache

Memory:        8GB DDR3 UDIMM

Video Card:   NVIDIA Quadro NVS 510, 2GB, QUAD Monitor

Hard Drive:   256GB, 2.5, Solid State Drive

Most of the traders on our desk use our proprietary charts. Some use TradeStation or eSignal. @sspencer_smb uses eSignal.

For those who want to improve their trading game, check out our new training program, The DNA of Successful Trading. We look forward to working with you.

You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

Mike Bellafiore

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