A Perfect Example – $JBL

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$JBL had earnings, so it was not a huge surprise to see it on our In Play list on the Radar. Still, a reading of 7.7 is good even for a stock with earnings. This means the stock will have heavy, unusual order flow – and it did. But that alone isn’t going to help with bigger plays. Sure, you … Read More

Bears Don’t Exist, Think Like a Bull

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This is a guest post from Fred Barnes aka @DCDaytrader: I recently had a conversation with a few somewhat novice traders. For us traders who don’t have the 2007-2008 market experience on our resumes, we’re looking at the recent market activity in awe. Watching the quote screen (of the $ES_F) in August (2011) required the skills of a speed reader. … Read More

SMB Radar Update – Low IPR Day

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IPRs are hanging low today. $SPY at a 1.0 reading tells us that the general market is not In Play. This means breakouts with follow through are low probability in the $SPY and highly correlated stocks. As of now only 2 stocks in our universe are trading with a > 3.00 reading. I’ll be watching the Price Spike for opportunity … Read More

Focus on the Method Not the Money

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Monday, July 18th 2011 Watch an interview with Mike Bellafiore and the MoneyShow.com from the past Traders Expo in Dallas. Mike Bellafiore discusses how traders should be fixated on their methods rather than their P&L. View the video here

World’s Leading Traders Speak 4 Earthquake Victims

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Tuesday, July 12th 2011 For the past two months, the world’s leading traders came together for a live charity event to help victims of the New Zealand and Japan earthquake. All these webinars have been archived and are available to be viewed for those who could not attend. There is so much awesome trading content here!  Also, SMB’s Mike Bellafiore, … Read More