Adapting to This Market as a Day Trader

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What are you doing as a day trader to adapt and succeed in this tape? This market can be rough for novice day traders trying to figure out a way to find consistency. The bots are alive and well, the volatility remains high and headline risk abounds. Trades that worked only a few short months ago are now being piled … Read More

Hurry Find the Band Aides!

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As children we all used to enjoy putting our parents’ big shoes on our little feet and trying to walk. It was an awesomefeeling until we tried to go a bit too fast. The problem was we just weren’t big enough to handle those big shoes at high speed! I guess we all have an innate desire to grow up … Read More

Opportunity, Opportunity, Opportunity

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As a day trader this is what you live and train for…opportunity! Be alert, be keen, and be prepared to exploit the opportunities. Today’s action provided trades and set-ups galore to set your sights on and use your arsenal. You had “In Play” stocks like ANR and HPQ offering both tape reading and level trades. There were relative strength plays … Read More