SMB Radar Play ACOM

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we received the following email from a Radar subscriber today (post originally written january 9th): Subject: SMB Radar play in ACOM today Question: Dear Bella, I am trying to develop certain plays based on the SMB Radar that I call SMB Radar Strong and SMB Radar Weak. My thoughts are that I’ll check the names on the strong and weak … Read More

Follow Up on Microchip

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Earlier today, around 10:15am EST, we posted a snap shot of the Strong and Weak Today lists on the SMB Radar. These are just 2 of 10 outputs that the algo gives us, but are extremely powerful for intraday swings. We saw MCHP on the top of the Weak Today list. It was also holding below 34.00 support, with room … Read More

FE Trade Review – Maintaining Risk

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My play today in FE was to short against 43.80 for a move to 43.00, then ultimately 42.30 if it held lower and really worked. Here is my review. What was working in my favor: – Hard down move on the open on volume – Very In Play on the Radar – Top 5 Weak Today name for most of … Read More

SMB Radar – Price Spike Readings

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As we have mentioned in the past, Price Spike readings below 7.00 are usually not anything to be very excited about. Above 7.00 catches our interest (also the level an audio alert kicks in on the SMB Radar). Readings below 7.00 could always develop into more – but are not yet ready to play momentum. This screen shot was taken … Read More

SMB Radar Play of the Day – $GPN

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This is another play I want to remember. It’s basically a more advanced view of the Spencer Special. In this case it was selling short GPN after a big gap up. We do not simply fade stocks because they are “over bought”. There were a lot of checks in favor of the short (and not at the top by any … Read More