SMB Radar Update – Low IPR Day

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IPRs are hanging low today. $SPY at a 1.0 reading tells us that the general market is not In Play. This means breakouts with follow through are low probability in the $SPY and highly correlated stocks.

As of now only 2 stocks in our universe are trading with a > 3.00 reading. I’ll be watching the Price Spike for opportunity today as there are very few In Play stocks at the time. Also looking to fade names that are setting up on the other Radar columns with IPRs < 1.00.

Keep in mind this is a snap shot, and the list could change frequently.


4 Comments on “SMB Radar Update – Low IPR Day”

  1. Is it good to accustoming to SMB Radar? What will happen with traders who traded only using SMB Radar per year and at the point it will be gone?

  2. stephan, not sure what you mean. 

    the Radar is how we filter through the market and find stocks that are In Play, trending, strong/weak, etc. 

    Its going to be around for a while!

  3. which came first, the trader or the radar? may the answer bring you infinite enlightenment

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