2 Comments on “Focus on the Method Not the Money”

  1. Great interview.  Love your quote at the end, “Traders are elite performers, period.  They have actually mastered themselves.” 

    Trading is one of the very few endeavors in my life that has tested the absolute core of my being.  Why is it so difficult to simply “buy low and sell high” consistently?  I used to think I was missing the “holy grail” indicator or system.  But then I realized the biggest obstacle was…me.

    Now I see trading as a vehicle to help me measure my progress of mastering control over myself, which will then help me achieve other trading and non-trading goals much more effectively.  That’s why this interview hit home. 

    Thanks for all you, Steve, and others do to help and educate, much appreciated!

  2. a year back i would get disappointment with an interview as this, i would say “come on were is the system/method you promise”
    but today i know the system is only like 20%-30% of a successful trader. the most important thing is how you manage your mind and what is your mindset

    thanks mike for the reminder!

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