This Concept Could Get You Through the Learning Curve

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Understanding how to identify support and resistance areas and execute trades at these prices is a prerequisite to become a successful day trader. When I reflect back on the dozens of people we have trained over the years I can’t recall a single trader who made it to consistent profitability who didn’t have a few plays in their playbook that … Read More

Social Media IPOs: The impact of Linkedin and what’s next

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Thursday June 9, 2011 Join Mike Bellafiore, Leigh Drogen, Josh Brown, along with other financial experts, in an open roundtable discussion about Social Media IPOs and what that means for the upcoming 18 months. Topics Include -Are we in a bubble driven once again by technology? -Is Linkedin worth the valuation? -Who’s next and what can we expect? Date: Thursday … Read More

Why I Love KISS…Not The Rock Band!

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So you’re a day trader. Ok, you have the computer, a few monitors, and a brokerage account with a few bucks that is going to make you many more bucks. Throw in a charting program, a few books worth of knowledge and the passion for trading and your set. Now what? Good question! As a new or even a struggling … Read More

Find the Least Competitive Stocks?

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A sick, pretty well-known trading author walks into a Clearwater Beach breakfast treasure, hacking cough, in need of a shave and tan, with flipflops, shorts and a black penguin polo. Over scrambled egg whites and honey wheat toast he listens to another market veteran share his market wisdom. Almost eerily it is like listening to himself talk, with then some new … Read More