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In The PlayBook I dedicate a chapter to the argument that pro traders should start early, even in college. One trader, Special Projects, and a review of his trade while interning at SMB, was highlighted as an example of starting early on your trading game. Trading is a skill, one that takes time to develop. You were not born a great trader. There is a path to becoming great and it is all about building skill, which takes time. Chapter 6 of my book is a challenge to young college students who pronounce that they want to become traders: build a track record before your graduate so you can land a spot on a trading desk and hit the ground running.

I had not heard from Special Projects for a few years until today, until this email below. Here is his note and latest One Good Trade. Perhaps you can co-opt this trade and make it your own.

Hello Bella,

This is (name deleted), apparently also known as Special Projects ha. I hope this email reaches you, Steve, and Carlton all in good health. As you can see I have been reading your new book, The Playbook”. Good stuff! And I’m writing to you as I just finished Chapter 6. It was very entertaining to read through that script between you, Carlton, the other traders, and I to say the least. But more importantly, that moment in the training room almost two years ago has stuck with me to this day. More specifically, that exact trade setup, and the critique I received from you, has been the root to some of my trading success today. In fact, I just implemented that trade setup in the Copper futures market last week. And the result of that trade has made my month. The only thing I didn’t do for the trade was add more size as I didn’t have the margin to do so haha.

Anyways, I do sincerely hope you and SMB Cap are thriving and well! I have been meaning to write to you and Steve for a very long time just to really thank you for the opportunity to be on your floor. But I must admit that I took the opportunity for granted a little. Especially the opportunity you gave me to present my trade in ORCL that day. Always in retrospect, I guess ha.

Well I think I will end this email right here. Again, thanks for the opportunity, experience, criticisms, and nickname ha. And thanks for taking the time to read this email. Take care and good luck, Bella!

Copper 1

copper 2

copper 3

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You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

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