SMBU’s Top Ten Trading Blog Posts of 2013

SMBU’s Top Ten trading blog posts for 2013:

  1. The Failure Rate of a Proprietary Trader
  2. The Opportunity for a Prop Trader
  3. Lessons Learned From a Million Dollar Loser
  4. What I Learned From the Best Trader at Citibank
  5. Ten Takeaways From a Top Trading Coach
  6. Do You Have a System to Identify and Trade Breakouts?
  7. Ten Ideas for Creating a Good Trading Journal
  8. Traders Ask: VWAP?
  9. NFLX is the New AMZN?
  10. My Thought Process: $FB

Happy Holidays! Keep working on your trading game!

You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

Mike Bellafiore

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