Bella Interview on Blog Talk Radio

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Listen to this trading interview with Bella on Blog Talk Radio hosted by Aleksander Danilov of by clicking this link here. Bella discusses: 1) Why he wrote The PlayBook 2) Process: How The PlayBook and the SMBU Performance Center powered by Tradervue helps traders develop a process where they can build from their strengths. 3) Following like-mind traders on … Read More

SMBU’s Top Ten Trading Blog Posts of 2013

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SMBU’s Top Ten trading blog posts for 2013: The Failure Rate of a Proprietary Trader The Opportunity for a Prop Trader Lessons Learned From a Million Dollar Loser What I Learned From the Best Trader at Citibank Ten Takeaways From a Top Trading Coach Do You Have a System to Identify and Trade Breakouts? Ten Ideas for Creating a Good … Read More

A Day on the Street

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SMB offers the very best intraday equities training program on the Street.  We meet hundreds of college students seeking an invitation from our desk.  And many ask what it is like to trade with us.  Before anyone is asked to accept an invitation we mandate that a candidate meet with traders on our desk.  A candidate may ask any question … Read More

Last Week of August 08

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The last week in August is the worst trading week of the year.  Our desk is instructed to take off during this month.  Many were away this past week.  And many will be away this week.  I will be trading.  My vacation will start next week.  Steve gets this week off and I get the next.  But there are some things … Read More