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I would like to take this opportunity to officially announce my retirement from modeling.  Well let me modify that statement.  I will not model another day unless I get paid 10k.  Ok now that makes more sense.

So Steve and I were asked by Trader Monthly to do a shoot for an article they are writing about SMB Capital.  The whole thing was very interesting.  Let me share with you what I learned.  1) I am not photogenic.  2) Steve is and it pisses me off.  The photographer had the audacity to comment, “Steve is much more natural at this than you Mike.”  Thanks Pete (actually really great guy who did an excellent job).  3) When taking a professional picture you need to find some shade to control the light (where would I ever learn that).  4) The Empire Hotel is gonna be the new hot spot in NYC (what a cool roof deck).  When you take a picture there they also send the publicist for the hotel to assist.  Seriously you feel like P Diddy.  They get you water. Take care of all the details.  Who knew? 5) Professional models look much better than Steve or me.  After we were finished with our shoot we hit Jamba Juice for some lunch.  A professional model was ordering and I dared Steve to approach her and say, “Yeah just got done from a shoot myself.”  He wouldn’t do it.  Wuss!

Anyway we also shot some shots for our blogs.  We will get them up asap.  So you all will have a face with all these words.

Looking forward to getting back to my real job tomorrow.

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