Ten Articles For Sunday

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Bezos on Two Types of Decisions The Lies We Tell Are More Convincing When We Have To Pee Very Cool Earbuds That Could Change Your Perspective on Living In A City A Syrian Refugee Discusses Dealing With ISIS  and Assad The Metrocard Is Going Away Thankfully for Hillary And The Rest of Us Sun Edison’s Implosion Could Impact Solar Projects … Read More

Top Ten Trading Books

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I had a wonderful conversation with a retail trader who has read 194 trading books.  Wow! This gentlemen has a passion for trading and reading about trading.  I was actually speaking to him about our firm backing his trading.  He has developed a track record while working full-time in the Heartland. For those of you trading retail who dream of … Read More

SMBU’s Top Ten Trading Blog Posts of 2013

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SMBU’s Top Ten trading blog posts for 2013: The Failure Rate of a Proprietary Trader The Opportunity for a Prop Trader Lessons Learned From a Million Dollar Loser What I Learned From the Best Trader at Citibank Ten Takeaways From a Top Trading Coach Do You Have a System to Identify and Trade Breakouts? Ten Ideas for Creating a Good … Read More

Turning One Trading Day Into Ten

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Hi Mike, Thank you and your team for creating the DNA Program for those of us who want to learn from the best. It is now possible for anyone passionate about learning how to trade to DO IT. No more excuses for lack of opportunity. What I always wanted but could not find has finally arrived. I am very excited … Read More