This Week’s Popular Posts (1/12-1/18)

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1. Some Thoughts on 2014: Upside Volatility—Spencer reflects on 2012-2013 market behavior and offers some thoughts on how to pull more money out of market in 2014 2. Solving Your Top Five Trading Frustrations (Video Webinar)–Bella & Spencer sift through the data of 100s of traders in the SMB Community and offer solutions to their Top 5 trading frustrations 3. … Read More

SMBU’s Top Ten Trading Blog Posts of 2013

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SMBU’s Top Ten trading blog posts for 2013: The Failure Rate of a Proprietary Trader The Opportunity for a Prop Trader Lessons Learned From a Million Dollar Loser What I Learned From the Best Trader at Citibank Ten Takeaways From a Top Trading Coach Do You Have a System to Identify and Trade Breakouts? Ten Ideas for Creating a Good … Read More

Last Week’s Top Posts

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Steve examines Google’s (GOOG) recent interaction with China and the consequences of those actions on the market, Steve Discusses Apple’s (AAPL) latest levels, Gman’s interview with Tim Bourquin, A discussion of Dov’s great SEED call out, and Steve was on