This Week’s Popular Posts (1/12-1/18)

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1. Some Thoughts on 2014: Upside Volatility—Spencer reflects on 2012-2013 market behavior and offers some thoughts on how to pull more money out of market in 2014
2. Solving Your Top Five Trading Frustrations (Video Webinar)–Bella & Spencer sift through the data of 100s of traders in the SMB Community and offer solutions to their Top 5 trading frustrations
3. Paper Trading: Does it Help or Hurt?–Marc Principato weighs in on whether this practice method offers value for developing traders
4. Capturing 20 Points in $TSLA (Powerpoint Edition)—SMBU student discusses her process for a recent trade in Tesla.

Some Fresh Posts from this weekend
1. From Here You Can Become a Really Good Trader–Bella lays out the foundation for a developing trade and an awesome video as well!
2. Be Proud of What You Have Accomplished & Do Well–Spencer offers some thoughts on how traders make significant strides in their game
3. Gap and Go Trade: $NBIX (PowerPoint Edition)—Playbook trade example from a member of the SMBU Community
4. “Best Stock Trading Book I Have Read, Easily”–A Pro trader weighs in on the Playbook

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