“Best Stock Trading Book I Have Read, Easily”

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E. Ottens recently wrote a glowing review of The PlayBook for Amazon. We thought you would like to see it:

The second-best was Bellafiore’s first book, One Good Trade. I’ve worked at a prop firm for a couple of years and have been consistently profitable for the last nine months. I would advise anyone considering this as a career to get these books. If you have to get one of the two, get this one, The Playbook. I like the overall philosophy and I like the specific details. I went through weeks of training at my company—which was great—it was stuff not in the other dozens of trading books I’d read, but I would have loved to come into that training having read this first. I feel like I would be several steps ahead already and ready to ask much better questions and benefit much more from the opportunity to talk to experienced successful traders.

This book is really well thought out and really thorough. It will address all of your questions, from getting a job at a firm, to a general outlook to trading, to a framework for developing your game, to specific patterns and trade reviews. To be honest, the trade reviews are the best. You’re reading a transcript of a guy who’s run a prop firm for years grilling a trader who had a good (or bad) trade. How’d he find the stock? How’d he pick the entry? Why didn’t he add? Why did he exit?, etc.

Most books seem more idealized or theoretical, like they looked back over charts and found nice ones to present a tried and true trading idea. There are trades in this book that are plain ugly and in my opinion much more representative of actual trading, all day every day.

Okay, obviously, I love this book and think you should buy it. Cons? If you’re a guy trading from home, or have another job, and are not monitoring the markets every minute they’re open, you could probably find a better book. Does this book get into longer term set ups? Yes. But to me, what makes it so valuable and unique is that it is geared toward the full time obsessive.

How many people work at a prop firm and are choosing which ECN to try orders on? Not many. If you are one of them, especially if you’re starting out or trying to be one of them, you need this book.

You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

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