Turning one good trade idea into One Good Trade

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  Say you have a really great short idea. The stock is too high.  These prices are not sustainable.  The fundamentals of the company do not warrant this price as to where it is trading.  You just know the stock will trade lower.  This is a great short opportunity. What do you do as a trader? Often I deal with … Read More

I just need to eliminate my ehh trades

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Last night, I was reading the review of one of our traders, Trader A, who wrote, “I just need to stick to my plays that make me money (ETRM, TWTO, GLYC) and just faze out those ehhh ehh trades, I will become very consistent and very profitable.” To Trader A, I responded, ” When u say get rid of ehh … Read More

Two ways to make more in OPHT

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I gave a Junior Trader a hard time in our review after the close for not holding a winner longer.  In all fairness, I should do the same for my trading.  There are two areas where I could have traded OPHT better, consistent with trading that makes sense to me. I like trading stocks like OPHT.  They had horrible news … Read More

You cannot do this and be a successful trader

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Last Friday as I was walking off our trading floor, a beaming SMBU student yelped at me, “Bella I could hug you after today.”  He was very pleased with the progress he had made as a trader. Fast forward to today and that same trader caught me hitting the elevator for my walk home.  I asked him how trading went … Read More

Why I didn’t trade today

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I didn’t trade this morning.  I had ever intention to do so when I left the office last night.  I like the opportunity in FB TWTR SRPT SPY IWM for today’s trading session.  So this was not a decision of a lack of trading opportunity.  I, personally, was not in an optimal state to trade.  And therefor, I benched myself. … Read More

What this new trader learned on Day 1 (166 lessons)

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Our new class started part I of their training this week, with the SMB Foundation. Some say, “The only way to learn how to trade is trade.” Here is some evidence contrary to that position. One trainee with past trading experience sent me his notes, without solicitation, as to what he learned on Day 1 of our training program.  He … Read More

Building your trading team

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Performance isn’t exclusively about skill and strategy.  In fact, one top coach leaves all of this out of his top three keys to building a team. This is interesting to us as traders, as some of us trade in teams or something like teams, for improved performance. Team Trading is part III of our training for new traders on our … Read More