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I gave a Junior Trader a hard time in our review after the close for not holding a winner longer.  In all fairness, I should do the same for my trading.  There are two areas where I could have traded OPHT better, consistent with trading that makes sense to me.

I like trading stocks like OPHT.  They had horrible news in a very important drug for them (see below).  This breeds a LOD opportunity for my trading system.


The intraday chart pattern set up very nicely, with OPHT unable to trade below 5.85, nor above 6.10.


I made some money trading OPHT today.  But I need to do two things better when trading such an opportunity that fits my trading wheelhouse.

  1. I need to hit much more for a scalp below 5.85.
  2. I need to increase my swing short from below 6.10 area when OPHT trades below 5.85 for LOD Trade2Hold.

I was swing short below 6.10 and 6.25 from the open and holding for a Trade2Hold LOD trade.  But when OPHT trades below a price that it couldn’t for the entire day, I need to add to my swing short.  I did.  But not by enough.  Doing so would have made me much more and still offered an excellent R/R.  Plus, the trade was working.

Further, while I do not like to scalp trades that I am swinging, I should have below 85c.  It NEVER traded below there in a stock searching for its new low and with LOD possible because of the negative news catalyst.  Even though the move for the scalp trade was only 20c, I have edge there.  And I need to be in much more size for that scalp than I was.  I am simply leaving free money on the table by not taking that trade with more size.


We need to make more from the trades that work and fit our trading style!

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