40 trading lessons from The PlayBook

An experienced and successful trader is starting with our desk, powered by Kershner Trading Group, next month. He is one of the more diligent traders you could meet. I have compared him to Tim Tebow in One Good Trade for work ethic. He just powered through One Good Trade and The PlayBook to improve his trading game and better prepare … Read More

Things heard on the prop desk this Monday

Monday’s strength was surprising to some prop traders on the Street, after the huge down move Friday.  Let me share some things heard on our prop desk, and then make a trading point. Me: didnt expect today Trader: it’s just so annoying Me: yes yes yes.  but good example of…..its our job to trade the market not expect the market … Read More

What we have learned from mentoring/coaching traders

  Our firm in NYC has focused on training new traders to consistently profitable and then high performing trader over the past decade.  Here is what we have learned mentoring and coaching traders: Develop a Growth Mindset- Shark is one of our most successful traders we have trained from new trader to consistently profitable trader and then high performing trader.  … Read More

Are you doing this with your trading/investing? (SMBU Daily Video)

In our SMBU Daily Video, learn how to make the most out of great trading opportunities. In this video from Mike Bellafiore, you will learn: What made $URI a great trend trade How we traded $URI The importance of trade review How you can capture the next opportunity like the $URI trade We hope this video helps you improve your … Read More

What you can learn from reading One Good Trade says this European trader

  Marko Gränitz a German trader wrote a book review on One Good Trade by Mike Bellafiore. Below is Marko’s review translated from German to English. Marko: The best trading book: One Good Trade One Good Trade was one of the books that I devoured in no time. A book that absolutely belongs on the shelf. And if you ask … Read More

The Rise of College Traders

SMB has five traders for our June class who already have proven active-trading records in college. We get emails from guys making serious money consistently and yet are in college. I have never seen this before. Do you see how many awesome blogs are out there written by college traders? I wrote an article recently about the thirst for trading education … Read More

“Best Stock Trading Book I Have Read, Easily”

E. Ottens recently wrote a glowing review of The PlayBook for Amazon. We thought you would like to see it: The second-best was Bellafiore’s first book, One Good Trade. I’ve worked at a prop firm for a couple of years and have been consistently profitable for the last nine months. I would advise anyone considering this as a career to … Read More

Should This Trader Make a Comeback?

Below is an interesting trading anecdote I received via LinkedIn.  I asked the writer if I could share his trading experience with our community.  He agreed.  The names and places have been changed for compliance reasons and we have no interest in saying anything negative about anyone or any firm on this blog. What I find interesting about his note … Read More