Lesson 7: The Mental Game

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In the last installment of my series, Seven Lessons I’ve Learned, we will cover a part of investing and trading that can change how everything else works: the mental game. Like with any peak performance activity, the absolute top performers have gotten there through developing both their skills and also their psychology and mindset. Peak performers are the kind who … Read More

The PlayBook Checkup ($TRLA Strong Uptrend)

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Below is our third edition of The PlayBook Checkup with Bella, author of One Good Trade and The PlayBook. During these sessions a new trader from our desk will have a PlayBook trade they archived reviewed by Bella. Attendance is free for SMBU Tools subscribers, who can also ask questions during the event. Watch this review of a Strong Uptrend in $TRLA. Highlights: a) The … Read More

Expiration Friday Pinning Trades in GOOG and AAPL

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The great thing about options is that they can be played in so many different interesting and creative ways. A case in point:  There is a cult of options traders who focus on the last two days of the monthly options expiration cycle.  These traders focus, separately, on  expiration Thursday trades and expiration Friday “pinning” trades.  The premise for each … Read More