The PlayBook Checkup ($TRLA Strong Uptrend)

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Below is our third edition of The PlayBook Checkup with Bella, author of One Good Trade and The PlayBook. During these sessions a new trader from our desk will have a PlayBook trade they archived reviewed by Bella. Attendance is free for SMBU Tools subscribers, who can also ask questions during the event. Watch this review of a Strong Uptrend in $TRLA.


a) The importance of becoming bionic as a trader. In this trade, SMB Radar found this opportunity.

b) Notice how well-prepared this trader is. Are you as prepared?

c) Use tight consolidation areas as a technique to add to winning positions.

d) What is a technical reversal candle?

e) What is the definition of a stock with a high short interest?

You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

Mike Bellafiore

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