Respect The Support

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We talk about the easy money constantly in this blog.  Yesterday offered some great easy money opportunities that you have to be able to capitalize on. The first situation is the 47.50 level in RIMM.  Bella discussed this level the other day in his blog post, and how a great amount of volume went off at that level.  Yesterday RIMM … Read More

re: my day

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I focused on RIMM on the Open as it was In Play after reporting yesterday.  I traded it on the short side once it dropped the 128 support level.  It was fairly tame and became weaker as the day progressed.  There seems to be support around 123.40. Traded NKE in the afternoon.  Didn’t catch the initial short below 60 but … Read More

re: RIMM Followup

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As I mentioned this morning I was looking to short RIMM on the open at resistance. I mentioned 140.50 as potential resistance. As it turned out 141 was resistance with many large offers. I shorted below 141 and covered on the pullback to 139.  I didn’t catch the move down to 137.50. RIMM released earnings in the after hours. The … Read More