I like this trading pattern in Mattel ($MAT)

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I like this trading pattern in $MAT:

a) stock gapping down

b) stock with a negative news catalyst

c) fight on the tape where the seller wins

d) holding below VWAP

e) no longer term technical support in sight

f) staircase stepping down visually on our charts

g) hold short for a real move

We have this pattern today in MAT.

MAT gapped down.

It had terrible earnings:

There was a huge fight on the tape at 27.45, where the seller won.

It is holding below VWAP, which is 27.33.

The next longer term technical support level is not until near 26ish.

The chart is visually appealing.

The point here is not whether this trade continues to work.  The point here is I know a pattern that makes sense to me and take that trade.  In fact, not only do I know the patterns that I like the most but before the open the Junior trader to my right said before the open, “Bella you will like MAT today.”  Trader around me know what I like best.

You can argue back and forth whether this is a good trade.  You can disagree with whether this will follow thru.  You can conclude that this trade does not work for you.


But during our training at SMB, we expose our traders to lots of different setups that enable active traders to make real money.  I do not care what trades they gravitate towards.  I do care that they gravitate towards trades that are best for them and their talents.  And they study the heck out of those trades.  And they build technology to spot all of these trade opportunities.

Then traders will make the most out of the setups they like the best.  Like the MAT opportunity for me.

* After the close today, we will share a terrific setup that I love to teach during our free online class.

*no relevant positions