I like this trading pattern in Mattel ($MAT)

I like this trading pattern in $MAT: a) stock gapping down b) stock with a negative news catalyst c) fight on the tape where the seller wins d) holding below VWAP e) no longer term technical support in sight f) staircase stepping down visually on our charts g) hold short for a real move We have this pattern today in … Read More

The PlayBook Checkup (Shooting Star Continuation Pattern)

Below is our newest installment of the 2014 edition of The PlayBook Checkup with Bella, author of One Good Trade and The PlayBook. During these sessions a trade archived by a Junior Trader from our desk will be reviewed by Bella. Attendance is free for SMBU Tools subscribers, who can also ask questions during the event. In this video a … Read More

After Hours Trend with Confirmation Pattern

After the Close it can be tempting to leave the battlefield. I am tired. I could use a snack and some liquids. There are some emails to return. I didn’t check out that rain dance baseball video on Youtube yet. It is so nice out maybe I can sneak out early for a run. Who needs to risk taking a … Read More

I’m Seeing A Pattern

As I view the list of stocks I traded today and their corresponding P/L I definitely see a pattern. GME, FDX, and NKE all green. APOL a big red. I have written many times about the value of trading stocks with fresh news. Stocks that we refer to as “In Play”. During earnings season there are a huge number of … Read More


Developing traders overvalue being “right” with their trades.   Many mistakenly believe that you have to be right with your thesis to make money in a trade.  Oh so young, so naive 🙂 Consistently profitable, experienced traders can make money when they are right and when they are wrong.  Heads I win.  Tails I win. A spot on example of … Read More