Weekend learning lessons for traders from SMB

This was overall a frustrating week for traders at our firm and for the traders that I mentor outside the firm.  That happens.  The key is to learn and grow.

There were however some highlights.  One Junior Trader had his best PnL day ever.  We detail the trade in step-by-step detail that led to his best trading session ever here.

One trader I work with improved his trading game by expanding his relationships that provide information.  Another elite trader made a concentrated effort to improve his risk management, with specific risk rules.

Each month brings an opportunity for traders to set new monthly goals so they improve.  This week was an opportunity to start working on these new goals.

IGC tested the resilience of traders, a key characteristic of elite traders.

Proper sizing was a huge test for traders this week as they pushed to trade bigger.

For those yet not where they want to be as a trader, remember step one is consistency.  Steve Spencer, partner at SMB Capital, offers 5 ideas to improve consistency and performance.

Enjoy your weekend.

Find time to train and improve your trading game.