Millionaire Wall Street Trader Accelerates Through Dark Knight Tunnel (Show Notes)

@TheOneLanceB zooms while interviewed by @Bthestory87 in the video: Millionaire Wall Street Trader Speeds in Dark Knight Tunnel.   @TheOneLanceB focuses on the connection between sleep and trading performance to help you potentially grow your trading account. One viewer of the video commented: Thank you for these interviews! Lance drops so many gems, he is someone I look up to in … Read More

What is the optimal mindset to be in while trading? (Trading Psychology)

What is the optimal mindset to be in while trading? I posed this question to the trading community and you can see many savvy responses to this essential question here.  If you do not get this part right, then you will never reach your trading potential.  This might keep you from moving from losing money to becoming a Consistently Profitable … Read More

You have to perform (honest talk to traders)

I wrote the tweet above recently.  Let me say this again, as someone who has hired and trained traders since 2005 at SMB Capital, our proprietary trading desk in NYC: Trading is a performance sport.  At a certain point, you have to perform. (What No One Tells You About How To Become An Elite Trader (surprisingly) Not too long ago, … Read More

It’s hard knowing the right trading process to follow

  I had lunch with a candidate for our September training class, who asked a really good question: “How did your past in sports and law influence your path as a trader?” Answer: Process To become successful in the past, I needed to follow and trust the process.  To be successful as a new, developing and even experienced trader you … Read More

This Wasn’t a Good Week!

Mike, Hello. This wasn’t a good week. I made a lot of mistakes.   1. I didn’t stick to my plan and took several trades without a clear plan. 2. I felt anxious most days. I was aware, and did some exercises to clear my mind, but after the first losing trade, I lost my focus. 3. I feel frustrated … Read More