Millionaire Wall Street Trader Accelerates Through Dark Knight Tunnel (Show Notes)

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@TheOneLanceB zooms while interviewed by @Bthestory87 in the video:

Millionaire Wall Street Trader Speeds in Dark Knight Tunnel.  

@TheOneLanceB focuses on the connection between sleep and trading performance to help you potentially grow your trading account.

One viewer of the video commented:

Thank you for these interviews! 🙏🏼 Lance drops so many gems, he is someone I look up to in the trading world and hope to have a partial of his success.

Please see the Show Notes to this video below for the trading community.

Show Notes

Key Takeaways

  • Traders4ACause is really just a great place for networking with other traders.
  • Cycles will always occur when it comes to everyday life.
  • Dr. Matt Walker is one of the premier experts when it comes to sleep.
  • Elite performance comes down to maximizing every small edge.
  • Sleep will have a detrimental effect on everything related in your life.
  • Different factors that will play a role on your sleep can be things like the time of your last meal before bed, how much food intake is within that meal, getting blackout drapes, tracking sleep with an Oura ring, getting noise isolation windows, sleeping in total darkness, etc.
  • Lance really started to focus on the sleeping tactics in 2019. 
  • Lance saw an insane correlation between his sleep and trading performance.
  • Lances’ worst days in trading came from improper sleep conditions from the night before.
  • For optimized sleep, you want your internal body temperature to drop in the beginning and elevate as sleep goes on to wake yourself up at a proper time.
  • Compartmentalization can be a key component to things as well.
  • Trading can be cut dry in a sense….you’re either green or red….and the market will either compensate you or not for your efforts.


  • “Don’t get too emotional.”
  • “We are not immune to emotion.”
  • “You can be fun and safe.” – Fun little joke quote in the Batman Cave
  • “The amount of just small little things to optimize everything is really big.”
  • “Alcohol crushes your sleep.”
  • “To be elite you really need to be working on all of these details.”
  • “No one can press the buttons for you.”
  • “If you’re a trader, you’ve earned every dollar you’ve made. It’s not an easy job.”
  • “The reality is, to be the best it takes a lot, and you’re a rarity.”

Key 1-min Segments

  • 7min mark where Lance really drives into Sleep
  • 9min mark where Lance dives into distractions

Important disclosures

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