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A new trader sent me his thoughts on his CTXS trading today (see chart below).   Here is what I really like about his trading:

a) He was in complete control of his trade.

b) He does an excellent job of finding a way to be bigger for the next time he sees a similar set up.

c) He is preparing his mind to be bigger and more profitable for that next opportunity.  This is excellent work.

d) He pinpoints exactly where he did not have to get flat.

I would add one more trade to this review.  Above 72.90 I am long/longer for a momentum trade.  It appears CTXS gets squeezed here and this would have worked very well.  This was an excellent risk/reward trading opportunity.

This is a terrific trade review above and an example of the work that new and developing traders can do to improve their performance.

Mike Bellafiore

Author, One Good Trade

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