The sloppy, the good, the same trader

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Let me share actual trading events from our prop desk this week. It’s Tuesday, the market is selling off hard and Trader A thinks the market should bounce and VXX decline.  He fades the market and VXX all day for a net result of -10k.  Let’s call this The Sloppy (in his trading). It’s Thursday, the oil has sold off … Read More

Oracle Had A Fundamental Catalyst That Made It A Good Short

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ORCL reported disappointing earnings after the Close on June 17th. The next morning it traded lower before rallying back $2 with the market. I had two reasons why I thought it would roll over again the next day. One, I believed the large market rally the prior day was the primary driver of its bounce from 41 to 43. Two, after large … Read More

Forex Training: How Long Does It Take To Get Good?

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I get this question all the time and it is a good question. People these days don’t have the time to invest years in this business unless it proves to be financially rewarding along the way. There are so many educators and so much information available today, yet it doesn’t seem to change the well known failure rate. So what … Read More

Reformed Broker Reviews One Good Trade

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Joshua Brown from the Reformed Broker believes One Good Trade by Mike Bellafiore, currently the number one trading booking in the country, is more than just a trading book. He says the book is about process, the value of focusing on methodology in your daily tasks and allowing the end results to take care of themselves. Read the full review … Read More