10 Steps Ahead of the Market

Hi Mike, How’s it going? Hope your family and trading have been well. I am improving as a trader. These days I am net positive month on month. However, I’m still not elevating my performance to the level I want it to be. It’s frustrating because I know I’m capable of so much more. One of the ways I am … Read More

All Good Traders Must Have a Nickname

Mike Bellafiore, Hello. I want to say thank you for a wonderful book, One Good Trade! In Russia there is nothing like this book. I have not yet started trading, as do the study of the theory and the accumulation of money for shopping schea, but I’m sure that if I follow all the rules you set, it will reduce … Read More

Is Twitter a Short or a Long?

During our SMB Midday Recap we discussed: 1) Whether to trade $TWTR on the long or short side today 2) Our profitable short trade in $TSLA 3) An excellent risk/reward trade we made today in $WFM. This setup worked very well today whereas yesterday another long setup in WFM. They call it trading See our video below for access to … Read More

A Profitable Weekly Options Trade in $MSFT

Almost five years ago two of the better traders ever trained by SMB asked for risk with longer term positions. We loved these guys and had all the confidence in their trading ability. After a period of huge gains the firm had had a particularly bad month and these two traders were not trading their intraday accounts well. Bad timing … Read More

How We Traded Twitter ($TWTR)

After the close yesterday we discussed how we attacked the Twitter IPO ($TWTR). Four strategies were discussed: 1) Buying the opening print 2) Buying consolidation after Twitter settled down 3) Buying $TWTR when it held above VWAP 4) Using the level learned from trading today, 45, as an important technical level going forward We also watched the tape of Twitter’s … Read More

It’s Okay to Get Upset While You Are Trading

So Dr. Menaker indicates if we can become self aware of our emotions we are much more likely to be able to control our actions/behavior and therefore minimize our mistakes. That made perfect sense but I wondered if a consistently profitable trader goes through the same emotions that the “less than” CPT goes through? Aren’t you and Steve simply much more confident than less successful traders? … Read More

How The Financial Media Entertainment Complex Is Harming Your Trading

One of our traders wrote this in his trade review last night. It helps us highlight an important teaching point about trading. Daily Review: Overall a decent day but I do get frustrated too much. I get most frustrated when I have the right ideas but fail to capitalize on them whether it is from getting a poor price or … Read More

10 Tips For When You First Go Live

Hey Bella, This is [name deleted]. I was in the summer training program at SMB. I’m going live tomorrow and was wondering if you could give me some basic tips for me to think about. I’ve been following SMB on Real Time, watching the morning meetings, and training every day since the summer on the ThinkorSwim simulation platform. I know how different … Read More