There is Nothing We Respect More Than…

Dear Mr. Bellafiore, Thank you for writing The Playbook! Before I continue my thanks and gratitude, I promised myself that this would not be a ‘Dear Oprah, save me letter.’ But on a serious note, it is hard to hold back my sincere appreciation for your advice and guidance in The Playbook. I am not your typical recruit. Most would … Read More

Friday Midday Review (10/25/13)

During the SMBU Midday Recap on Friday Bella discussed: An Opening Drive Play in $ESRX A Gap and Go trading pattern in $MSFT A Tight Range setup in $AMZN A potential short opportunity in $SPY You can access the video by signing in below: Related blog posts: My Thought Process: $FB I Am Worried About Dark Pools You can be … Read More

LS Trades Reviews The PlayBook

Liquid Snake, aka Sebastien Salois, is a former professional basketball player and financial security advisor who runs a Web site called LS Trades. Recently, he wrote a terrific review of The PlayBook, and we’ve pasted it here in full. We thought you might enjoy it. —- READ THIS BOOK. In anything where there’s a huge demand and interest for knowledge, … Read More

Why We Started SMB

Mike, I’ve just started your book One Good Trade, and I love it. My question is why start a prop firm if you and Steve are the best traders and it is all your money? Can’t you just scale up your trades? I trade my own money and was thinking about starting a prop firm, but then I think: 1. … Read More

Trading After the Debt Ceiling is Raised (Video)

Yesterday during our After-Hours Review our desk discussed attacking the markets after the debt ceiling is raised. Our preparation started yesterday. If you’re wondering how you might trade the markets after an announcement, perhaps this video will help. Notice that we run through different strategies: 1) Buy buy buy instantly 2) Wait for the market to settle and start a … Read More

The Single Most Valuable 15 Minutes of Trading Education (Video)

Mike, I had to send this email out right away after you posted your session on how you lost on $FB. For me, this was the single most valuable 15 minutes that I have spent on trading education. Why? For me, getting bigger, pressing, and holding are the biggest obstacles for me to get to the next level. As background, … Read More