March Trading Madness

I received this email from an SMB trader after the close today: After watching some of the VCU v. Drexel college basketball game last night I wanted to take the VCU head coach’s mantra of “Aggressive, Confident, Loose” to trading. I was more aggressive than usual with my size in the plays I was involved in. However, I was doing … Read More

I feel like I will never make money again

I don’t know what’s wrong with me the last three days but I am not trading up to par. It’s much more eye opening when the market is actually decent and others around me are making money. I’m disappointed (to say the least) by today but I didn’t do anything fundamentally wrong at first. I even made money initially. I … Read More

One Easy Trade (ANF)

After our 11AM Open review a trader approached my desk. “Bella can I ask you a question?” “Yes.” “Do you think I should add here to ANF?” (Abercrombie & Fitch Company) I looked at the chart, saw it trending cleanly above the important 41.50 technical level, spotted a target entry at 42.11 and a definable exit at 41.94, found room … Read More

When to Lighten Up your trading position

P, Pandera Media Inc (NYSE), popped from 13.70ish to 14.30ish and started to flag.  When it broke above the consolidation of the flag I sought to buy a pullback.  And I did at 14.43 and 14.41 with a stop of 14.24. P found higher ground and looked like it could push towards 15.  But then there was a pullback that … Read More

The easiest trade of this open (STT)

Scanning the market universe on the open STT, State Street Corporation, caught my eye. 1) I liked that it was down a lot 2) I liked that after the open it showed an ability to move away from prices 3) 40/39 were levels on my long term charts so it still had room to trade lower 4) There was a … Read More

The CCL Trade

After the open we meet in our training room to review the open with some of our newer traders. We talked CCL, Carnival Corporation, for the midday and into the close. Before that we went over what we liked about CCL and what we didn’t. What we didn’t like: 1) Future bookings to probably decrease because of the accident. 2) … Read More

Free Webinar: How to trade earnings season

Please join Mike Bellafiore, author of the “trading classic” One Good Trade, this Thursday at 4:15PM EST in the free webinar: How to trade earnings season. Bella will discuss: 1) the patterns that work best during earnings season 2) patterns that are developing for this earnings season 3) what most to focus on for earnings season 4) growing your PnL … Read More