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Here are two comments made from two SMB traders in their daily review sent to me after the close.  Both harm their results by trying too hard.  Do you do this? I am slowly becoming less and less content with just making $$$$ (note: SMB cannot talk our PnL because of compliance reasons) and calling it a decent day. I … Read More

I See Momentum Buying

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I settled at my trading station wondering what to trade on this Open.  RHT? BBY? AMLN?  There had not yet been a price spike on the SMB Radar in health care yet but I would later ask what and where to buy for that sector.  BBY showed some consistent selling at 25 so I scalped that down to 24.60 on … Read More

March Trading Madness

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I received this email from an SMB trader after the close today: After watching some of the VCU v. Drexel college basketball game last night I wanted to take the VCU head coach’s mantra of “Aggressive, Confident, Loose” to trading. I was more aggressive than usual with my size in the plays I was involved in. However, I was doing … Read More