Why I got long FDO

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FDO gapped down and then made a sharp downmove on the open.  I caught some of the downmove with a Momentum Trade.  But then the momentum short was over and I had a decision.  Do I look to trade $FDO for a bounce or for a continuation move?  I chose the former and will explain w1hy. The market has been … Read More

Do not say Practice

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I end most emails with: “Keep working on your trading game.”  We teach our traders to do the daily work each day that helps them improve.  They are training to become consistently profitable traders (CPTs).  Their ultimate goal is to become a your best trader (YBT). Apparently I could use better words to motivate my traders. Dan Coyle, author of … Read More

Trader Disney Land

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Hey Mike, I recently blew my profits gain from the past 3 months in one stubborn trade. And not I dare not go in again as I fear I could be wrong again and lost money. My system was right but my emotions was burnt. This is not the first time I lost a trade but somehow I couldn’t pick … Read More

The Chicken or the Egg?

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Hi Mike,  First of all, I want to thank you for being such a great mentor. I’ve learned so much by reading SMB Capital blogs. I’m currently working a full time job as a Mechanical engineer and have taken trading four years ago, fascinated by this machine we call Mr Market. Obviously due to my day time job, I consider … Read More